Coming 2020

All of your server apps, in one place.

We believe installing and configuring server applications is too complex and cumbersome, we created Cylo to address this problem and take out all the hassle, freeing you to work on more important problems.
Hundreds of apps

We hope to have every app you can imagine, and if you can't find it, just use our easy-to-use request system.

One-click configuration

We don't just offer one click installs, but one click configuration, you no longer have to read the manual!

Create your own apps

We're allowing everyone to upload their own apps, for personal use, and also to be submitted to our app repository.

Your one stop shop for web services!

Imagine being able to run all of your own services, accounting, web site, team communication, file syncing, invoicing and more from a secure container which only you control.

This level of flexibility, simplicity and variety has never before been seen, you really have to try it to understand what the future holds.

Built for businesses and developers!

For the small business, the one click install and configuration means installing web apps is no longer laborious and complicated.

For developers, we're opening up our API for app installs and Cylo creation, we're allowing you to create your own apps for our ecosystem, we'll also allow you to charge your users a one off or subscription payment with our white label billing system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers.

When will Cylo be launching

We're hoping to launch during 2020.

What apps will you support at launch?

We plan to cover the most important parts of the business first, so we'll include at the minimum: web site desgin and hosting, accounting, invoicing, HR and team communication.

How much will it cost?

Much cheaper than having all separate services, the most basic plan will be less than £20/month and include 3 apps.

How can I get more details?

You're welcome to reach out to us via twitter here: or via our LinkedIn at

Be part of the server app revolution
everyone's been waiting for.